Bibliotherapy is the use of literature to help solve children’s challenges. The reading of children’s stories together can be a helpful, healing way for children to learn about, cope with, and develop mastery over their challenges. These books were selected for many reasons including to teach children to identify and express feelings and emotions, to encourage learning, understanding and open communication about an issue and to help adults discover, address and process for themselves and for their child.

It is important to preview a book before reading it to your child. Technically, it does not have to be accurate (ie: you adopted internationally and the book is about a domestic adoption) but it is important to make sure it is right for you, your child and your circumstances. Also, you can change words to make it more specific to your young child and you can skip over pages so not to teach a behavior or concern that he or she has not yet thought about or engaged in. The books are listed in no particular order and can be found with further description and review at Amazon


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