Dr-Julia-A-TrebingDr. Julia A. Trebing is the director of CREATIVE THERAPIES at the cottage: a nurturing, homelike setting where children and their families can receive psychological care, connection and healing.

After nearly 30 years of service she has come into her own unique approach to child/family therapy, called CREATIVE THERAPIES. She is a Doctor of Psychology, was involved in the Wrap Around Program at Yale Child Study Center in cooperation with Menniger Clinic, and completed post-doctoral work in Neurology. She is a Board Certified Expert of Diplomate status for the American Academy of Traumatic Stress and a Certified Professor and Supervisor for the International Examiners of Child Psychotherapy and Play Therapy.

She supervises clinicians, trains interns and lectures nationwide on topics including Positive Parenting, True Discipline and The Ages and Stages of Child Development. Currently she is researching and educating on Compassionate Social Inclusion. While she continues to lecture year round, she volunteers her Positive Parenting lecture, free, to local schools and churches during the month of April. She says, “Parenting is the most important job you’ll ever have and it comes with little or no training.”

Each year she asks the President, Governor and Mayor to proclaim April ‘Positive Parenting Month.’ Today, she is well known and acclaimed for her unique and successful, solution oriented therapy with children, which involves the parents and requires weekly home assignments. Her work is highlighted in the book, Short-Term Play Therapy for Children.

Ask her and she’ll tell you her finest credential is that she is a mother, stepmother and wife.


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