21 Months Old

Create an environment, inspired by simplicity with natural quality toys and a warmth and beauty worthy of imitation, along with activities that strengthen children

Perhaps the most famous quote from Henry Thoreau’s Walden is “Simplify, Simplify.” At EBIPS we love it for many reasons including the humor that – well, if we were actually simplifying we would just say it once. The goal is for us to provide a safe, warm, beautiful, simple environment for meaningful imitation and creative, fully engaged, frequent playtime throughout the day to strengthen not harden children.

The environment is alive with beautiful, natural quality toys and materials. See creating a play space and where to find play supplies. Our walls are painted using a technique called Lazure, which gives the walls dimension and breath.

The environment is designed free from premature teaching – in books, toys, activities or any other engagement in experiences that are for older than children’s age and developmental stage. An age appropriate environment prevents the organization of children’s developing bodies and minds from being compromised.

The EBIPS conscious development of young children requires creative, rhythmic playtime throughout each day. Whereby there’s a regular change from in-breath to out-breath as activities are deliberately planned to alternate between quiet, focused, fine motor to heavy work and full body. For example the day moves from kneading the dough in preparation for the mid morning fresh baked bread, churned butter and warm chamomile tea, to free play, to handwork or artistic expression such as modeling with beeswax softened by the warmth of little hands followed by clean up, then outdoor play, then back inside for circle time singing, games, storytelling, a book, rest time.

Children are deeply affected within their souls by color. Babies and young children are still so heavenly and should be surrounded by light pink, pale blue, soft peach and cheery yellow are ideal. This meets their needs though not necessarily our preferences. No hot, bold or cold colors, no earthy colors, no drab grays and certainly no black through early childhood. It was a surprise to find blackboards in classrooms of young children, let alone black blankets and bassinet linings. It is better to avoid these colors altogether through toddlerhood, even early childhood.

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