Nine Years Old

The Nine (and a Half) Year Crisis

The EBIPS 9 Year Old developmental milestone information is filled with signs of crisis. In the middle between age 7 the beginning of childhood and age 11 the beginning of the tween years is the time when children suddenly awaken to the experience of themselves as separate beings with their own, now expanding, inner emotional life. The child begins to develop a new outlook beyond blind acceptance and questions: “Do I belong?” “What is my purpose?” and questioning authority “How do you know?”

During this time, nine year olds do not typically share this experience of their developing inner world with their parents who are upset by their behavior. It is helpful to know this is going on and to be patient, provide him with a united front (both parents or parent and teacher) stay close but allow him his distance and low points so that he can go through and complete the process. Recommendations for him include exercise, artistic endeavors including playing an instrument and heavy meaningful work to provide opportunities to express and release emotion. Then we thought, oh! those recommendations are good for us parents, too:)

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