Two Years Old


Play is children’s work while the body develops strong. The developmental priority until the six-year molars are coming through is for the energy to be directed at building the body properly, and building the body strong and healthy.

Play is children’s preparation for their life. It builds children’s concentration, interest and is the foundation of all other learning while building a lifetime love for learning. If we steal children’s energy away from this essential required task of play, such as to engage them in premature emotional or intellectual stimulation, we rob them of their vitality. They will actually pallor in complexion and later they are weak in judgment and common sense.

Some of the Many Benefits of Play


  • provides a safe way to practice, reenact, understand, and master the full range of emotional ideas and experiences
  • creates emotional attachment
  • allows for the “playing out” of feelings and challenges
  • provides an outlet for frustration
  • diminishes frustration typically experienced from on-going verbal demands


  • develops imagination, invention and fantasy
  • increases creativity
  • allows for experiencing consequences of actions without having to do so in reality
  • develops personality


  • prepares self for the demands and roles of society
  • increases self-realization
  • builds understanding of the world


  • improves coordination
  • improves energy


  • develops social skills
  • achieves meaningful interactions with others
  • develops insight into social rules
  • results in imitation that develops personal experiences
  • achieves meaningful interactions with others
  • discover and develop new skills

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