First Grade Readiness

Your child will demonstrate the following EBIPS


  • enjoys coming to kindergarten
  • looking forward to going to first grade
  • enjoys stories and retelling them
  • enjoys reciting rhymes and singing songs
  • confidently walk five steps backwards
  • able to verbalize feelings

  • can sit still and quiet
  • able to listen
  • imitates gestures and movements in games
  • helps clean up after an activity
  • dresses self including zip zippers and button buttons
  • independently eat, drink, brush teeth, wash, go the toilet, set and clear table
  • talks about recent experiences
  • appears well rested
  • sustains concentration for the same number of minutes as years old
  • attending kindergarten regularly

  • identifies a circle, square and triangle
  • listens to stories
  • articulates clearly
  • knows some rhymes and songs from memory
  • knows what comes next in the rhythm of the day
  • copies a clapped rhythm
  • puts on own shoes and ties own shoe laces
  • can distinguish between reality and fantasy

  • limbs have lengthened
  • knuckles more prominent
  • facial features more distinct
  • waist is visible
  • incisors are loose or lost
  • hand dominance is established
  • can stretch arm over the top of own head and touch opposite ear

  • joins in offered activities
  • shares food and toys
  • shares teacher’s or parent’s attention
  • follows a project through to completion
  • participates in group play
  • uses objects in room for inspiration in play
    Just For Fun – Have Your Child:

  • walk on a straight line
  • stand on one leg for the count of ten
  • draw a house and face with symmetry
  • draw a tree and a person
  • throw and catch a large ball
  • hop on one leg
  • skip, climb, lift and move objects
  • use a pencil, paint brush and scissors
  • play finger games


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