for a Healing Education and Future Success

At Creative Therapies we have found that there are times when a student requires a nurturing, healing experience beyond that which a public school can offer. We can help. We create programs that include the child’s current academic requirements with Waldorf developmental considerations and Creative Therapies EIQ programming, focus on resilience and healing for the soul support. The programs are as unique as the child and family’s needs.

The students follow the courses outlined by the school with additional programming designed specifically for the individual intellectual challenges and social-emotional needs, they read and dissect classics according to their developmental stages, write passages using Vilmala handwriting for personal development, finish their school assigned math curriculum and produce meaningful work according to who they are and what challenges they came to us with. One particularly powerful assignment is an autobiography that extends into their future, their hopes and dreams.

The students meet with tutors, benefit from our interns, attend therapy as needed and receive parent education as indicated. Assessments are given by each of the instructors whom oversee each of the courses.

We design school semesters with much love and support for the student and family. We create specific supplements such as: EMDR and a Self Defense course for a teen who had been physically attacked in school; a Leadership program for a girl who had followed some others into a frightful situation; a Social Skills Group and Reading to Our Therapy Dog Program for a child humiliated at school for not being able to read; and a Walk to Run Gym and Nutrition Education Course for an inactive, obese child.

Our programs are confidential and will require the parents to be educated in their homeschooling rights prior to programming.

CT General Statue 10-184 This deals with Compulsory Education and Compulsory Attendance and mandates that parents have the primary responsibility to care for and instruct their children, unless they arrange for someone else (such as a school) to provide such instruction.

The “Guidelines” C-14
These are suggested procedures for Home Instruction in Connecticut. These guidelines do not carry the force of law. There is no specific statute governing homeschooling in CT, only suggested Guidelines. Guidelines, as noted, are not law. The language in the Guidelines can be vague and contradictory, leading to occasional inconsistencies in interpretation from one school district to another. TEACH, in accordance with Homeschool Legal Defense Association (HSLDA) clarifies and supports your right to homeschool with confidence.

CT State Board of Education (SBE), states that parents may educate children at home as long as they show the children are receiving an education program equivalent to that specified by law.

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