The Eight Neuro-Developmental Learning Systems

This important checklist will provide useful information about risk factors for learning challenges in young children. Additionally, this list can be used to emphasize and develop areas of concern for greater neuro-developmental support and success.

Between the ages of 2 and 5, did your child:

Control his/her activity level (e.g., was not too “hyper”)? __Yes __No
Feel satisfied or content (didn’t want things all the time)? __Yes __No
Sleep well at night? __Yes __No
Recall the names of people s/he had met before? __Yes __No
Remember stories or nursery rhymes? __Yes __No
Remember the names of colors and numbers? __Yes __No
Pronounce words properly? __Yes __No
Read beginning words easily (e.g., cat, a, run)? __Yes __No
Speak in complete sentences? __Yes __No
Spatial Ordering
Know his/her left from right? __Yes __No
Recognize letters or numbers? __Yes __No
Put his/her clothes on the correct way? __Yes __No
Temporal-Sequential Ordering
Know the days of the week? __Yes __No
Recite the alphabet in the correct order? __Yes __No
Say numbers in order? __Yes __No
Neuromotor Function
Tie his/her shoelaces? __Yes __No
Run, hop, and skip smoothly? __Yes __No
Draw using crayons? __Yes __No
Higher Order Cognition
Understand about numbers? __Yes __No
Show curiosity about how things work or why things happen? __Yes __No
Use his/her imagination to make up stories or participate in make-believe play? __Yes __No
Share with others? __Yes __No
Make friends easily? __Yes __No
Get along with other children? __Yes __No

More Recommendations from Parents

You are wise and wonderful. I did not realize that your required phone time, after his sessions would be so profound. I knew he needed good therapy, we have been around the block looking for it, but I did not realize how much my participation was necessary. My family has grown so much and have healed completely. Sure, things still happen, that’s life, but how we handle it….that’s Julia!

D. Rye

It was the week my son could not attend because he was sick that started my awareness. She did not charge for the last minute cancellation – she gets kids and their sudden onsets, and beyond that – she kept our parent phone call, included in the appointment fee, so she did it at no charge. This kind of caring for our kids and generosity is rare. She models for us such an open heart, she’s the kind of person I want children to be around. She speaks to my heart, which has allowed me to open up and deeply trust her which has allowed for tremendous growth for me and my entire family.


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