Three – Four Months Old

No Screens No Cellphones
A brief overview

No screens. There is so much to say, best to simply say No to early screen time including electronic games. Please wait. They will pick it up easily at a later age when school requires it. The problem with screens is, as with everything in a young child’s life, the images are absorbed into the beings of children. These images both interfere with and strain children’s imaginations creating stress and resulting in a difficulty taking in fairy tales and other stories. Children’s stress hormones are activated and they become quick to anger, regardless of the level of aggression and violence in the game. The light is mesmerizing to the young and the images are quick editing/changing creating jolts to the brain every 3 to 12 seconds and short attention spans. A further concern is how these absorbed images, that young children cannot filter out, are then imitated, presenting as gestures of excessive activity with seemingly no purpose or meaning.

No Cellphones. Today most of you know many of the reasons why your children should not be playing video games or on screens. To us at EBIPS the reason to not have a cell phone anywhere near a developing child’s brain is because the microwave radiation penetrates into their skulls. We know that many parents want their middle school child to have a phone for a variety of reasons, including keeping up with the other children. We ask that you wait until children leave primary school before you even consider letting them use a cell phone, let alone having one. Furthermore, we recommend a cell phone be used only on speaker. And that the phone be stored at least three feet away from a child, never in a pocket, near their genitals, by their breast, in their backpack by their kidneys, etc. And that the phone, which activates throughout the night, never be left in a bedroom where deep sleep is the goal.

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