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Strengthening the emotional, behavioral, intellectual, physical and social in children

golden-taleThis is the tale of Golden Tale, a cheerful dog with a broad smile, a happy disposition and an affirming, wagging, golden tail. However, true to their developmental stage, young children, simply called her by her color, “Goldie” and this is the name she goes by.

Goldie is a second-generation golden doodle. This breed was deliberately, and in our estimation, accurately, created after the golden retriever’s good nature and the poodle’s smart intellect.

A few fun facts about Goldie: Her favorite show is: ‘The Dog Whisperer’ who, like her, helps with emotional, behavioral, social and other challenges. Goldie also does not mind the show, ‘Dog With A Blog’, but we do – because there are too many insults taught without correction. Goldie’s favorite snack and photo face is: Cheeeeeese. Goldie’s favorite word to hear is: “Walk” and, curiously enough, her favorite word to say is: “Water” (more on that later).

When she was a puppy, a booming sandbox landed on her front lower leg. Dr. C gently reassured her, stroked her and softly sang songs from the Golden Tales to her, while her husband-the other Dr. C drove us all, including our children, to the Animal Hospital. We were given choices from which we decided to have a titanium piece of hardware surgically and successfully placed into her broken leg.

Her tender paw put aside our dream of her training to become a dog therapist. Also she was, understandably, afraid of loud noises. As a part of her healing journey we would tell her first before opening the dishwasher s-l-o-w-l-y and shhhh quietly, so she would not be scared. We reassured her, talked to her a lot and took her on progressively more and longer walks to support her emotional and physical healing.

What we did not realize is that this whole experience and our response to it was also developing her intellectually until one day she walked over to the kitchen sink and said, “Waaaaaterrrr.” It was around this time that we realized we have ourselves one remarkable dog.

Goldie’s early puppy trauma healed and the incredible silver lining included how loyal, gentle and intuitive she is today. She went on to be trained to respond to our energy but also has her own empathic healing abilities. Children identify with her story and parents appreciate learning how healing advances ones emotional IQ, intellect and more. Not only does our trusted helper offer hope and comfort but also a remarkable love. When a child is afraid to leave her parents and come for care but loves dogs, Goldie will come to the cottage to help with separation anxiety. When a child is too embarrassed to read to anyone, Goldie is right there to sit and listen. When other children have difficulty with communication, Goldie will help by doing tricks that the children can command when they learn how to successfully bond and communicate with her. Goldie is so attune we do not have to tell her to heel, perhaps because she naturally heals.

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